Understanding the role of NRAS in melanoma

Activation of RAS is a key step in the MAPK signaling pathway1

The MAPK signaling pathway regulates cellular proliferation, survival, and differentiation and plays an important role in the pathogenesis of melanoma1

Driver mutations in NRAS lead to inappropriate activation of the MAPK pathway, during which the melanoma tumor may become dependent on the mutation for growth and survival3

Looking downstream: Targeting MEK in NRAS-mutant melanoma

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No therapy is approved specifically for the treatment of NRAS-mutant melanoma

However...strategies to block aberrant MAPK signaling in melanoma include inhibition of MEK 1 and 2, which lie downstream of RAS and RAF4

In fact...preclinical evidence supports the potential of MEK inhibition in the treatment of NRAS-mutant melanoma5

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